Over the years, as I’ve studied the vegan diet and learned the impact of certain chemicals and additives on our bodies and on the environment, I have traded more mainstream body products in for products that are earth and body friendly.  My friends are always asking me what I use, and so I wanted to share two body care products that I love and that have made a noticeable difference for my skin.

Here’s the thing. When you rub crap all over the outside of your body, that crap sinks into your body through your skin via tiny holes modern science has decided to call “pores.” So, while you may look good for a little while, after a while you will start to feel like crap on the inside, and then you will start to look like crap on the outside because your outsides reflect your insides. Trust me. I’ve learned my lesson!

Kai Body Polish has been around for quite a while, and I am certainly not the first person to sing its praises! Kai is all-natural as well as paraben, sulfate, phthalate and phosphate free. I happen to love the Kai signature fragrance, and while it is admittedly more of a feminine scent, when I use the body polish, I am left with just a hint of the fragrance, which I think is lovely.

I use Kai Body Polish every other day, give or take, all over my body. Because it leaves behind a bit of a moisturizing residue, I rinse off first with water, then use the Kai, and then follow with a very, very mild natural bar soap we order from Italy (more on that later). The result is exfoliated and perfectly moisturized skin along with a very faint hint of that signature Kai fragrance. Experiment yourself and see what works for you, and please let me know!

On days when I don’t use the Kai – or if I find I need a little more moisturizing – I use Griffin Remedy Omega 3 Grapefruit Lotion. I know “Omega 3″ has become a big concept as of late, and while Omega 3’s are certainly believed to be crucial to our health, I have no idea if the lotion contains active Omega 3’s. Even it really does, I have no idea if they can truly benefit the skin through a lotion delivery system. What I can tell you is that this lotion is fantastic! It smells great, feels great, is paraben-free and is made with simple all natural ingredients and nothing “artificial.” Best of all, it is really affordable, and it does a great job.

Kai products are available all over the country in department and cosmetics stores. Click here to order online or find out where to get them in your area.

Griffin Remedy products are available at Whole Foods, and you can order them online from the company website.

Remember, you only get one skin. It is your largest vital organ, and if you take good care of it, it will take good care of you and always be beautiful.

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