Peter Capozzi HSPeter Capozzi is an executive producer, director, writer, and talent manager.

Peter began his career working with Martha Stewart Living Television. As an editor and story producer, Peter has cut reality, docuseries, and lifestyle television for Lifetime, E! and the Style Network. He has served as segment and show producer for E! News / The Daily 10 and as a segment director for Entertainment Tonight and The Insider as well as a producer for The Independent Film Channel’s IFC News.

Peter serves as executive producer on the hit PBS cooking series Jazzy Vegetarian, securing and maintaining network deals and financing over many years and multiple seasons from major sponsors including PepsiCo, Tropicana, Quaker, Vitamix, P&G / Dawn, Delta Airlines, Hilton Hotels, and Hertz. Jazzy Vegetarian is currently in its fifth season, with 65 episodes produced and airing nationally in steady rotation. Peter also served as executive producer for the first-ever live Pay- Per-View wedding and concert event for legendary guitarist Neal Schon, founding member of rock band Journey, and his wife Michaele.

As Jazzy Vegetarian’s popularity grew, Peter secured deals for, and contributed to, two companion cookbooks to the TV series. Following the success of the Jazzy Vegetarian cookbooks, Peter partnered with friend and current Co-Host of CBS’ The Insider Debbie Matenopoulos to co-write her first bestselling cookbook It’s All Greek to Me, released in 2014. Capozzi currently serves as Matenopoulos’ manager and producing partner.

Peter’s NYU thesis short film, The Return, went on to be featured at a number of film festivals and was picked up for distribution by outlets around the world, including HBO, Encore and Delta Airlines, among others.

He lives in Los Angeles with his husband and two dogs.