Taken Care Of

April 20th, 2011

On Monday, I went over to the FedEx Office store on Sunset, just east of Fairfax, to ship a package. As I walked in, I was directed over to the shipping counter, where I met Tammy. Scanning Tammy’s appearance for markers of credibility, my eyes landed squarely on her name tag, which informed that she had been a “Team Member since 2007.”

“Okay,” I thought as I exhaled. “I’m in good hands.”

Tammy quickly handed me a FedEx envelope and effortlessly gave just enough information to complete the task of filling out the AirBill (yup, FedEx lingo). It seemed that she had a true respect for both her own words and my personal space, which made me feel safe, secure, and taken care of.

When I handed her back the sealed FedEx envelope, she smiled and informed me, with total excitement and pride, how the FedEx store was offering 55% off of all banners. Instead of cutting her off by explaining that I had no need for a banner, I stood and listened, smiling as she pointed around the room at the different banner options. I noticed that all the while, she was carefully processing my shipping order, double checking to make sure it would get there without a hiccup.

And, in the midst of our conversation, she managed to genuinely greet each customer who walked past her, welcoming them, wishing them a good day, and offering guidance when necessary. I was struck that most of the customers were totally oblivious to Tammy’s gentle nature and her pride in her work and her store, and I realized how often I was that same oblivious customer.

I walked out thinking about how great Tammy had made me feel. It seemed her entire day was not about her at all, but about making people feel good and taken care of. Most striking was that she didn’t seem to take anyone’s impatience or abruptness personally. No matter what came back at her, she remained steadfast in her grace and kindness.

Thank you, Tammy, for teaching me an unexpected lesson in how one person can make a big difference in the world just by being herself.

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